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At Pulsar, we connect organizations and individuals with the connectivity solutions needed to live and work in places with limited or no connectivity. Our innovative land mobile and maritime satellite Internet solutions allow people and organizations to operate in critical, rural, and remote environments on land or at sea. Our satellite devices also give workers and their families peace of mind, and help organizations increase productivity while meeting their health and safety obligations. Not only does this keep people connected, it also means important assets can be monitored — wherever they are located.

Our offices in Hollywood, Florida include operations, logistics, and sales functions serve the Americas and global customers, while being proximate to south Florida maritime and hurricane response clients.

Our investments into satellite technologies have helped us become a leading provider of remote mobility satellite services and solutions to global markets, and industry insiders know us for our unique approach and our strong core values. We benefit from owning and operating our own key technologies, as it allows us to control and optimize the end-to-end experience for our customers. The combination of the Pulsar network with direct connection to major mobile satellite networks including Iridium, Inmarsat, Starlink, Thuraya, and Globalstar enables us to offer managed hybrid network solutions, providing our customers with better, faster, and more flexible mobile solutions.

Pulsar is known for our expertise to interconnect networks requiring redundancy and security as an integral part of the architecture and services. Our network architecture supports both mobile satellite services (MSS) and fixed satellite services (FSS). We enable legacy and next generation networks to interwork and to operate over all MSS and FSS services. With our network architecture, we are able to provide the most cost-effective means of communications while achieving the highest possible speeds and availability depending on the client application. Our globally redundant network architecture allows for seamless integration of next-generation technology into existing infrastructures.



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