Business Aviation


Stay Connected - Wherever Business Takes You.

Pulsar provides carrier-grade satellite business communications. Global business organizations are turning to business class aircraft to reduce costs on corporate travel. While in-flight business does not stop so the demand for reliable voice and data connectivity is growing fast. Pulsar meets and provides that requirement with satellite solutions supporting email, phone, sms, web and more - everywhere. 


Voice - For Business Operations

At 30,000 ft, Pulsar provides reliable and cost-effective satellite voice solutions for the business aviation community. Pulsar voice services keep executives and crew alike connected to colleagues, partners, and family.

Data - In-Flight Not Offline

Pulsar understands the demands of a heavy business traveling schedule. Just because your in-flight doesn't mean you should be offline. Business passengers can stay in touch with the office or home using their smartphone and WiFi devices from take off to landing.

Tracking and Safety Services

With Pulsar, business aviators and passengers can depend on satellite-based personal tracking and messaging solutions. Share your location or send a distress alert in times of emergency. Pulsar supplies the most flexible, rugged tracking hardware and emergency services platform anywhere.

From Take Off to Touch Down - Stay Connected. Everywhere.

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