Commercial Aviation


Keeping Passengers Connected - Everywhere You Fly.

Pulsar provides carrier-grade satellite commercial aviation communications. Global travel is much more accessible and easier for the public to take advantage of. Commercial aviation customers need fast, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to provide a better value to their customers and an advantage over the competition. Pulsar meets and provides that requirement with satellite solutions supporting email, phone, SMS, web and more - everywhere. 


Crew Communications

Pulsar offers complete solutions that provide flight crew members onboard resources to communicate in-flight incidents, equipment malfunctions and medical emergencies to ground teams more efficiently.

Data - To And From The Aircraft

Pulsar offers solutions providing access to business and personal data including email, weather and environmental information, web browsing, and more.

Tracking and Safety Services

Pulsar offers commercial aircraft crew and passengers dependable satellite-based personal tracking and messaging solutions. Share your location or send a distress alert in times of emergency. Pulsar supplies the most flexible, rugged tracking hardware and emergency services platform anywhere.

From Take Off to Touch Down - Stay Connected. Everywhere.

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