Connected Ship


Connected From Ship To Shore

For the global merchant fleet connected vessels are no longer a cost necessary for the shipowner but rather a valuable investment. At Pivotel we provide global connected solutions that meet and exceed the demand for a highly evolving connected world. Pivotel satellite solutions deliver reliable, accurate, and cost-effective technology connecting fleets to shore - everywhere. Contact us for a free consultation.


Crew Communication

Keep your crew in touch with the people and information that matter most to them. Chat, SMS, and email, all with simplified usage & cost controls that ship owners and service providers demand.

Crew Media

Pivotel connects and keeps crew members informed and up to date on company e-learning, games, and social media. Provide training videos, files, and multimedia content. Blog and share pictures with friends and loved ones on social media. Crew can enjoy low bandwidth games on board and on board.

Crew Information

Share announcements from the captain or the head office directly to crew devices - coordinate business, newsletters, and promote crew morale. Get international news, local news, and sports updates daily. Controlled internet web browsing with options for compression, Domains & DNS filtering, AD removal, and adult content filtering.

Ship to Shore - Mobile Everywhere.

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