Fleet Xpress Commercial Fishing

Seamless Connectivity for the High Seas

Fleet Xpress Commercial Fishing

Fleet Xpress for Fishing takes maritime communications to the next level, delivering the high data speeds enabled by Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Ka-band technology, combined with the proven reliability of Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband L-band service.

Guaranteed global bandwidth ensures that fishing vessel owners and operators can send catch reports and other regulatory requirements to shore, improve sales and purchase negotiations with real time information exchange, and can enhance vessel efficiency by allowing on-board equipment monitoring. This allows them to run their businesses more effectively while also ensuring that crew welfare is taken care of.

Fleet Xpress offers a powerful combination of unique benefits to set a new standard in high-end fishing communications.

Extended Flexibility

The flexible service plan can meet the fishing industry’s changing on-hire and off-hire connectivity needs, allowing you to upgrade and downgrade to a narrower ‘standby’ link between trips for free, avoiding early termination costs. You can also suspend services during the period of the contract for up to 180 days.

High Speed Connection

Customizable high-speed bandwidth plans are available, providing extensive coverage of major oil and gas areas with speeds of up to 10Mbps if used in conjunction with the enhanced terminal.


Continuous Connectivity

Ultimate reliability through a dual satellite constellation using Ka-band with unlimited L-band back-up, ensuring seamless global mobility. A dual antenna solution is available to minimize blockages.


Guaranteed Performance

Committed data rates backed-up by service level agreements ensure that the customer always gets what they pay for.


Cyber Resilience

Increased preparedness for cyber threats at sea.


Business Applications

A unique opportunity for enhanced operations by deploying value added services developed by third party application providers.


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