Inmarsat Coverage

Inmarsat provides global coverage through its network of satellites, with the exception of the extreme polar regions. The company offers three main networks: I-5 for Global Xpress delivers high-speed broadband to ships, aircraft and mobile satellite Internet users. I-4 which offers L-band services including BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network), FleetBroadband, and SwiftBroadband, which cater to different types of users and provide varying levels of data speeds and connectivity. In addition, Inmarsat offers specialized services such as and IsatPhone for satellite phone communications. Overall, Inmarsat's coverage is designed to provide reliable and secure satellite communication services to a broad range of customers in remote and challenging environments.


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Inmarsat C, Mini C and Fleet 77 coverage

In 2018, Inmarsat carried out a successful migration of Inmarsat C, Mini C and Fleet 77 services to:

  • Atlantic Ocean Region West (AOR-W), at 98° West
  • Atlantic Ocean Region East (AOR-E), at 54° West
  • Indian Ocean Region (IOR), at 25° East
  • Pacific Ocean Region (POR), at 143.5° East

Alphasat and Inmarsat-4 satellites

Following the full deployment of the Inmarsat-4 (I-4) satellite constellation in 2009, a further three satellite regions were created over the Earth’s major landmasses.

  • I-4 F1 Asia-Pacific, at 143.5° East
  • I-4 F2 EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), at 63.9° East
  • I-4 F3 Americas, at 98.4° West

I-5 coverage map

The Inmarsat-5 (I-5) satellites power the high-speed Global Xpress broadband service. Launched between 2013-2015, the constellation of four satellites covers the following regions:

  • I-5 F1 Indian Ocean Region (IOR), at 63° East
  • I-5 F2 Atlantic Ocean Region (AOR), at 55° West
  • I-5 F3 Pacific Ocean Region (POR), at 179° East
  • I-5 F4 Indian Ocean West (IOW), at 56.5° East