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Cruise While Connected - Anywhere. 

Pivotel is the leader in advancing satellite communications data speeds and services for both sailors and powerboat owners. In addition to satellite service from Iridium and Inmarsat, we are the leaders in offering complete solutions including satellite email, web, weather, tracking, chatting, and Sailblogs social media thanks to our XGate software and RedPort satellite routers. Need weather forecasts over satellite? We offer PredictWind software and free GRIB files – a public service from Pivotel. Share your location vessel tracking systems for both individuals and fleets. Want help from the experts? Contact us for a free consultation.


Affordable Plans with Exclusive Features

Pivotel satellite service plans really are unique. Only with Pivotel can you:

  • Get a local number that works just like your US, UK or Canadian home phone
  • Get included value that you can use for either voice or text
  • Choose annual plans with no activastion fee or monthly plans with no early termination fee
  • Keep your number in the off season with no reconnection fee

Affordable, flexible plans save you time and make using a satellite phone as easy as using your home phone. Shop unlimited, all monthly and prepaid plans.

Email - Everywhere.

Access optimized email with Pivotel's XGate Satellite Email and Data Services. XGate offers the services satellite users need, with the data optimization to make it easy and affordable to use. Email, web, weather and social media via satellite are suddenly fast, affordable, all under one app, and available on the devices customers want to use.

Weather - Set Sail with Confidence.

Besides the deck under your feet, the wheel in your hand, and the water gliding by, marine weather is the most important tool in any sailor’s toolbox. Without it, you won’t know if that light breeze will turn into a hurricane or if you’re looking at a perfect day.

PredictWind Weather services are available with XGate: Buy Now.

Vessel Tracking - Be Seen Anywhere at Sea.

Share your location with friends and family with RedPort Vessel Tracking service. Glow provides tracking data using GPS built directly into the dome, and a friendly web portal makes it easy for you and others to see your trip.

Learn more about Vessel Tracking, contact us!

Voice, Data, Weather, and Tracking - Anywhere the Sea Takes You

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