Pivotel Accelerates International Growth with New Florida Office

March 30, 2020 in Corporate News

New location serves Americas and Europe, with a regional presence close to maritime, government and commercial markets

Pivotel America, the fast-growing mobile satellite communications company, recently opened a new office in the Ft. Lauderdale metro area in Hollywood, Florida. The new location serves to accommodate rapid growth while growing operations close to its customers, partners, talent pool and employee base in south Florida. The region is a center for both disaster preparedness and the maritime industry, two key segments that the company has identified for continued growth.

“The decision to expand our presence in Hollywood, Florida was a natural one, based on our recent acquisition of Explorer Satellite and its Ft. Lauderdale staff, plus a rapidly expanding customer base in the region,” said Robert Sakker, President, Pivotel America. Additionally, south Florida gives us convenient access to our expanding Latin American and European operations.”

Pivotel America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Australian-based Pivotel Group Pty Limited, the global mobile satellite communications company. Pivotel's suite of satellite and mobile technologies enable remote connectivity via satellite phones, satellite data modems, personnel and asset trackers, docking kits, machine to machine (M2M) data terminals and specialist maritime communications. Pivotel services provide exceptional value and functionality for satellite users - these include some of the world’s most popular satellite services:

- TracerTrak for lone-worker and asset monitoring
- XGate satellite services for email, weather forecasting and social media
- RedPort satellite voice and data optimization including email and weather services for commercial and leisure marine users

The office hosts a cross section of functions for the company, with members of Pivotel’s accounting, sales, marketing and inventory fulfillment functions based there. Pivotel will continue to operate offices in Tennessee and New Jersey. The company distributes many of its functions across its offices in order to have redundant capabilities, and to be able to serve customers during regional emergencies such as hurricanes or flooding. An adjacent warehouse will supply Pivotel customers and partners both locally and throughout the Americas.

The physical space reflects a merging of Pivotel’s global outlook with south Florida’s vibrant multicultural flavor: located on the water, near the Hollywood International Airport, large panes of glass let natural light filter into a shared workspace, while an impressive mural enlivens the area. Pivotel commissioned American mixed media pop artist Mira to create a lively yet meaningful mural including her trademark image, “The Eye of Truth,” which is used to “remind people to live their lives in their true alignment,” according to Mira.

“The Florida office is a critical component of Pivotel’s ongoing expansion as a mobile satellite retailer, distributor and value-added services provider,” said Sakker. “Thanks to continued demand from our customers and partners in the locations this office will serve, we will continue to see more growth in the future.”

About Pivotel America

Pivotel America Inc. (Pivotel) is part of the Pivotel Group Pty Limited, an Australian- owned international company founded in 2003 with locations in the United States,

Mexico, Colombia and Brazil serving the Americas, The Netherlands and Cyprus serving Europe, and Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia serving the Asia Pacific region.