Pivotel to offer Starlink to Maritime and Enterprise Customers

May 9, 2023 in Partnerships

Hollywood, Florida - Pivotel Solutions, a leading global satellite communications provider, announced today that it will provide maritime and enterprise satellite Internet services from Starlink as an authorized reseller of Starlink Maritime and Starlink Business services, further expanding its already extensive portfolio of satellite-based solutions.


"We are thrilled to become an authorized reseller of Starlink services," said Robert Sakker, President of Pivotel Solutions. "Our enterprise and maritime customers rely on us to provide them with the most advanced and reliable satellite communications solutions available, and Starlink's cutting-edge technology and innovative approach to connectivity will greatly enhance our ability to do so.  We are working with our skilled local partners across the globe to act as our approved Starlink integrators, and we have already had strong interest and engagement from this community."


Starlink broadband Internet service is currently available in select areas, with plans for continued expansion. The service utilizes a constellation of low Earth orbit satellites to provide up to 220 Mbps with latency of 25-50 milliseconds for priority users around the world, making it an ideal solution for those with operations in rural and remote areas. 


Pivotel will focus on Enterprise and Maritime customers, offering Starlink as part of a complete solution of managed services in standalone and hybrid satellite networks for those customers with critical communications needs.  Pivotel will also provide the real-time customer support from satellite experts based in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. 


In addition to Starlink service, Pivotel will also offer a new industry-disrupting Pulsar iO platform, a suite of hardware and software solutions designed to enable rapid deployment, management, and optimization of satellite voice, data, and IoT applications. The Pulsar iO network management and security system includes:

  • iO Pro - Network routers and security hubs
  • iO Connect - Cloud-based online remote device management portal
  • iO Connect App - Connect management app for iOS or Android 
  • iO Link - Connect to any device on your network through mapped ports remotely


"As a company dedicated to innovation and providing our customers with the most advanced technologies available, we are proud to offer the Pulsar iO platform to our enterprise customers," said Kyle Tuczynski, Chief Product Officer at Pivotel Solutions. "With iO, our customers will be able to leverage the power of satellite communications to enable new applications and services in industries ranging from maritime, agriculture, government and beyond."


"By offering enterprise Starlink services, we are able to provide our customers with a true game-changer in the satellite communications industry," said Nicolas Emmanouilidis, Vice President of Sales at Pivotel Solutions. "We are excited to be at the forefront of this new era of connectivity and look forward to delivering the benefits of Starlink to our customers."


To learn more about Pivotel Solutions' suite of satellite communications solutions, including Starlink and Pulsar, visit www.pivotel.com/starlink.


About Pivotel Solutions

At Pivotel Solutions, we provide coverage and connectivity you can depend on everywhere. Our innovative land mobile and maritime satellite Internet solutions allow people and organizations to operate in critical, rural, and remote environments on land or at sea. Our satellite devices also give workers and their families peace of mind, and help organizations increase productivity while meeting their health and safety obligations. Not only does this keep people connected, it also means important assets can be monitored — wherever they are located.


Our investments into satellite technologies have helped us become a leading provider of remote mobility satellite services and solutions to global markets, and industry insiders know us for our unique approach and our strong core values. We benefit from owning and operating our own key technologies, as it allows us to control and optimize the end-to-end experience for our customers. The combination of the Pivotel Solutions network with direct connection to major mobile satellite networks including Iridium, Inmarsat, Starlink, Thuraya, and Globalstar enables us to offer managed hybrid network solutions, providing our customers with better, faster, and more flexible mobile solutions. Learn more about Pivotel Solutions at https://www.pivotel.com.