Passenger and Cruise Maritime


Every Pivotel passenger and cruise satellite solution gives you perfect control and optimization of your onboard communications, letting your operations, crew, and passengers stay in touch seamlessly. As the long-time official tracking and communications partner for IAATO, the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators, we’re leaders in connecting vessels in the most remote locations. Pivotel is a Tier One provider of Inmarsat Fleet Xpress, Panthera VSAT service and Iridium Certus. As each Passenger Ship solution is custom, contact us for a consultation.


Turnkey Solutions

Pivotel understands the need for dependable global communications. The reliability and scalability solutions matter most for fleet managers, crew, and passengers. Pivotel delivers optimized end to end solutions for ship operations and while meeting demands of efficiency and reporting.

Making Airtime Count – Ship to Shore

Pivotel Ship to shore network management solutions offers a full range of value-added services for ship operators on the Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, and Thuraya networks. Maintain operational communications when it counts most at sea with a suite of data optimizing hardware and software services.

Critical Operations Tracking

Access TracerTrak, a powerful exception management system providing global resource tracking and monitoring, designed by Pivotel from the ground up and built on a high availability, redundant server architecture. Unlike other personnel monitoring and asset tracking solutions, satellite technology was not an afterthought with Tracertrak. Using satellite technology allows for true global resource visibility, driven by the need for corporate operational efficiency through systems that drive efficiency and productivity.

Flexible and Aff ordable Calling and Data

Pivotel keeps your crew connected and the costs under control. Communication, media, and information keep crew in touch with the people they love. All with the usage & cost controls that ship owners and service providers need.

Ship to Shore - Mobile Everywhere.

Pivotel connects fleets and crew with the information that matters most.

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