Skiing & Snowmobiling


Connected and Safe in the Backcountry

Head into the backcountry and trails with satellite communication services from Pulsar. Whether you are skiing unchartered powder or making an Alaskan crossing provide yourself, family, and those who matter most with the assurance of the right satellite connected solution. 

Voice - On The Slopes or Trail

Pulsar satellite hardware solutions give you the ability to chat the world over with your existing smartphone, Wi-Fi phone, standard telephone, or satellite handset. Pulsar provides connectivity through Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, and Thuraya, giving you the ability to have the right solution with coverage where you need it most.

Data - Share The Journey

No matter where the slopes or trails may take you know that you can share the experience with those that matter most. Access optimized email, weather, share photos, post to Twitter, and more, all with Pulsar satellite phones and services.

Personal Tracking - Stay Safe and Confident

Never risk your life or direction. With Pulsar, skiers and snowmobilers can depend on satellite-based personal tracking and messaging solutions. Share your location or send a distress alert in times of emergency. Pulsar supplies the most flexible, rugged tracking hardware and services anywhere.

Ski and Snowmobile with Safe Reliable Connections from Pulsar

Keeping you connected and safe on your next backcountry adventure.

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