Internet of Things (IoT)

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Tracertrak Keeps Workers Safe and Your Assets on Task

Tracertrak provides productivity improvements, efficiencies and peace of mind wherever your resources are deployed. With Tracertrak, connectivity, monitoring and communications solutions that were once only available in the city are now available virtually anywhere. Tracertrak is a powerful exception management system providing global resource tracking and monitoring, designed by Pulsar from the ground up and built on a high availability, redundant server architecture.

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Network Connections That Drive Value

Devices connect to Tracertrak using a variety of communications networks. These communications networks typically use cellular or satellite technology and in some cases a combination of the two. Each type of network technology operates differently and will have different advantages for different applications. Tracertrak provides a choice of Iridium, Inmarsat, and Globalstar networks to ensure we can match the right technology to the right customer solution.

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Efficient, Aff ordable Connected Device For Reliable Tracking and Management

Expect greater value and efficiency with Pulsar IoT devices. Integrate with your existing network for advanced fleet management, metrics, safety remote monitoring, and hosted applications. No matter where you are in the world, or which satellite network you are using, you will have a better experience while saving airtime with Pulsar developed and connected products.

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Reliable and Valuable Connectivity to the Information You Need Most

Pulsar provides rugged, reliable, and valuable IoT hardware and services for organizations around the world. We remove the limits of terrestrial communication with solutions which maximize real time data access and efficiencies while reducing operational

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