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Starlink Satellite Internet from Pulsar

Starlink provides high-speed, low-latency broadband internet across the globe, on land and sea.

Turn to Pulsar to integrate Starlink high performance terminals into your hybrid satellite network to provide priority service for maritime and remote communications. Pulsar offers:

  • Starlink Business and Maritime installation and integration from satellite experts
  • Real-time local support in Europe, Asia, and the Americas
  • Pulsar iO enterprise-grade managed networking and security services for your fleet or team

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The world of satellite Internet has been revolutionized by Starlink. With its vast network of low-Earth orbit satellites, Starlink is capable of delivering high-speed internet to users all over the world. This technology has significant implications for maritime and enterprise customers who require affordable, high-bandwidth connectivity for their operations.

Pulsar provides Starlink for maritime and enterprise customers who need reliable priority service and the network management and customer service to support it. With over 20 years of satellite expertise, Pulsar will ensure your network meets the needs of the most demanding customers with satellite experience and local customer support. The Pulsar iO network management and security system includes:

  • iO - Network routers and security hubs
  • iO Connect - Cloud-based online remote device management portal
  • iO Connect App - Connect management app for iOS or Android 
  • iO Link - Connect to any device on your network through mapped ports remotely

By integrating Pulsar iO products and services with Starlink terminals, customers can benefit from enhanced network performance, increased visibility into their network infrastructure, and better overall network management capabilities.

Starlink Maritime

Maritime customers, can provide passengers, owners, and crew members services that formerly faced cost or speed challenges. Starlink's low-latency, high-bandwidth connectivity provide new opportunities for vessel owners and operators who want to provide the bandwidth necessary to keep people on board connected to their life and work onshore. Whether it's for crew communication, VoIP, or redundant connectivity, Starlink can help ensure that maritime operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Starlink is a disruptive satellite service, but it requires expert knowledge for commercial and high-end leisure clients who want to integrate it in with their existing communications systems or create a new build that meets the unique requirements of maritime. Pulsar provides everything a serious user needs for a complete hybrid communications network. Pulsar lets you control your fleet via the necessary enterprise-grade network management and security systems with our Pulsar iO routers and apps. We also provide real-time local support you can count on in Europe, The Americas and Asia.

Starlink Business & Enterprise

For business and enterprise customers, Starlink represents a game-changer in terms of connectivity. With its ability to provide high-speed internet to remote locations, Starlink enables businesses to expand their operations into areas previously thought to be inaccessible. From mining and exploration to agriculture and infrastructure, the possibilities are endless. With the reliability and performance of Starlink, businesses can now confidently connect their operations with the rest of the world, unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Emergency management, business continuity and NGOs can also rely on Starlink thanks to the light, relatively low-cost terminals that provide high speeds along with monthly service from Pulsar. Pulsar iO services provide a discrete VoIP service, as well as the remote network management and security that is required during emergencies and in areas of humanitarian need.

Starlink Executive Summary

What is Starlink?

  • Starlink is a satellite internet service using several thousand satellites in a low-Earth orbit network, where most networks use fewer than a hundred. This gives it much higher bandwidth and lower latency than other networks at an affordable price.

How fast is Starlink? - Starlink Speeds and Latency

  • Starlink provides speeds of up to up to 220 Mbps and latency of 25-50 ms in motion. Actual speeds vary, and Business and Maritime plans deliver data with priority service. Standard plans will deliver slower service in areas and times when many users are accessing the network. Pulsar offers Business and Maritime plans with priority service exclusively.

Is Starlink Service Unlimited?

  • Starlink service is unlimited. However, there is a soft data cap. That is, you get a certain amount of priority data per month based on your rate plan, and after that you can either purchase additional priority data, or continue to use the service with non-prioritized speeds.

Starlink Service Plans

  • Starlink offers both fixed and mobile monthly service plans, in both standard and priority versions. They are designed to be flexible and meet a variety of internet needs for users and businesses around the globe. Standard plans offer unlimited data on a "best efforts" basis. Priority plans offer priority data in 50GB, 1TB and 5TB options, with standard or additional priority data after consumption. This means managing data consumption lets you get the most out of any service. Pulsar offers Priority and Priority Mobile/Maritime plans for use with the High-Performance antenna exclusively.

Is Starlink "Plug and Play" for Maritime and Enterprise users?

  • No. Installing a Starlink antenna, activating service, and connecting to the built-in Wi-Fi is all very straightforward. However, enterprise and commercial maritime users will want several things that the most basic implementation will not provide, including features like:
    • Integration with other satellite or cellular networks for prioritization of data or additional data at port
    • Network management and security features
    • Shoreside management via a web portal and apps
    • Real-time customer support in areas like Europe, Asia and the Americas
    • Enterprise and maritime customers will want to work with an experienced satellite communications provider for installation and managed access. Also, by integrating Pulsar products with Starlink terminals, customers can benefit from enhanced network performance, increased visibility into their network infrastructure, and better overall network management capabilities.

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How Does Starlink Work?

While the basic concept of satellite Internet service similar to cell phone service (except the cell towers are flying through space), there is some extraordinary engineering in every part of the Starlink system, including terminals, satellites and ground infrastructure. For a deep dive into the design and radio-technology of Starlink, this educational video from Branch Education does an excellent job showing just how you can stay connected via the Starlink network.