RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi Extender System

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Get Wi-Fi. Farther.

The Halo Long Range Marine and RV WiFi Extender System (Halo) can help you connect to a 2.4GHz WiFi network from afar. It’s a common problem: you’re at a marina, truck stop, or campsite, and the sign says, “WiFi Available” for free (or cheap). You get a secure passcode while standing in the office (most networks have them) and log on to see that it works. Then, you get your slip or space assignment, set up for the night, and find you can’t receive decent (or any) WiFi at the edge of the marina or campground. The solution? Halo! With Halo, you are now able to capture that same WiFi signal and use it – even at long distances.

What is WiFi?

WiFi is the ability to connect to the Internet wirelessly without the need for a physical connection to a router. The farther away you get from the WiFi source, the slower and less reliable your connection becomes.


How Halo Works

Halo works in-between the remote WiFi router and your devices (smartphones, tablets, and laptops) by using a high-powered antenna (9dBi) and single band (2.4GHz) WiFi extender to pull in the signal from the remote router and then rebroadcast it using the included Optimizer router hotspot. You can connect to Halo’s included Optimizer over WiFi or directly by Ethernet. There’s even a Halo WiFi app for iOS and Android devices that lets you quickly and easily control Halo.

Halo will help you get the most out of any remote connection – but those connections may vary. While it cannot make your Internet connection speeds faster, it will give you greater connectivity than you could get without Halo.

If the Internet connection coming into the router that you’re connecting to is 10MBps, for example, you will never get faster than 10MBps no matter what you do.


For Best Performance

To get the best performance out of Halo:
  • Download the “Halo WiFi” app from Google Play for your Android device, or the App Store for your iOS (iPhone, iPad) device.
  • Mount the Halo WiFi Extender Antenna outside 12 – 15 feet off of the ground. WiFi operates similarly to a line of sight. Mount the antenna too high or too low and you could overshoot or fall short of the remote WiFi network.
  • Make sure Halo has a clear view of the remote network you are trying to connect to. In other words, you’ll get the best performance when there are no buildings, trees, or other physical obstructions between you and the access point you’re connecting to remotely.)
  • If you own the remote network, use a high-powered WiFi antenna at the original access point. If trying to access a password protected network, be sure to have login information available.
  • Be sure to read your Halo User Guide for installation and setup instructions.

How Is Halo Powered?

Halo is powered using the included 120-200V AC Adapter. The Adapter delivers power to the both the Optimizer and WiFi Extender through a single source. Optionally, a 12v DC car charger may be used. Hardwiring Halo voids your manufacturer protection plan.


What's In the Box?

The Halo Long Range Marine and RV WiFi Extender System includes:
  • RedPort Optimizer
  • RedPort WiFi Extender
  • Antenna – 18”, 9 dBi, 4W EIRP
  • Stainless Steel 14 TPI 1” Extender Connector Base
  • 110/220V AC Power Adapter with International Power Plug Adapters
  • 32.8’ (10m) Ethernet Cable
  • Allen Wrench
  • Grey Gasket
  • User Documentation

14 TPI 1” mount not included

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