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How do I place my new Pulsar SIM into my Satellite Phone?
  • Note that the SIM Card format is Standard (you will also see this in your owner’s manual).
  • Loosen Standard SIM which is the outer SIM.
  • Insert the SIM Card in your Satellite Phone, the SIM Card holder should be located under the battery (for further instructions consult your satellite phone owner’s manual).
  • If you require further assistance please call Pulsar Customer Care on +1 865 379 8723. For more information see SIM HELP
How do I reset my RedPort Optimizer?
Hold down the Reset button on the bottom of the Optimizer for a full 15 seconds. When all the lights are back on and not flashing, the Optimizer as reset.
How do I setup spend alerts?
This can be done on the first page that comes up in SelfCare. You can choose to be notified by text or email and at usage intervals of 50, 85, and 100% of your usage.
How do I test my Pivotel satellite phone service free of charge?

For a complete description of how and when to test your satellite phone, Download our free eBook 'Satellite Phone Test Center: All About How To Test Your Satellite Phone'"

For quick reference, you can also use the following test numbers provided by Iridium and Inmarsat.

  • Iridium test number +1-480-752-5105*
  • Inmarsat test number +870-776-999-999
  • If customers find that their phones are not operational through this process, please call our support line 865.379.8723 to get further assistance.

    How do I understand the usage on my bill?
    You can view your recent usage history in Pulsar Selfcare, Please note that is a 48 hour delay in displaying your usage history. If you need assistance understanding the rates on your bill, do not hesitate to call Pulsar customer care on +1 865 379 8723. We are happy to help you understand your bill.
    How do I view my latest bill?
    In SelfCare, you will see the latest bill as a link. Click on the blue bar in the bar graph which corresponds with the month’s invoice you would like to see. Click on the date of the bill and it will download as a PDF file.
    How do the smart devices connect to Iridium GO!?
    The smart devices are connected to Iridium GO! via Wi-Fi with a range of approximately 30m (100 feet) depending upon conditions.
    How long does it take to charge the Iridium GO!?
    It takes approximately 4 to 5 hours to charge the Iridium GO! using the included AC Travel or Car Charger.
    How long does the Iridium GO! battery last?
    The Iridium GO!’s standby time is up to 15.5 hours and the talk time is up to 5.5 hours.
    How many devices can be connected to Iridium GO!?
    You can connect up to 5 devices to Iridium GO!, but only one device can use the satellite service at a time.
    I am trying to login to Selfcare, but we have not been set up for this service. Can you please set this up for us?

    Your online account can be accessed by going to Pulsar Selfcare and entering your account number and account password on the login page. You will also find a link on Pulsar’s navigation located at the top of each page. An account was set up for you when your service was activated. You can find your login credentials in your dialing instruction/service confirmation email. If you cannot locate your credentials, please call our friendly Customer Care team on +1 865 379 8723 who will arrange a new password for you.

    I have received my first invoice and the charge is more than I was expecting, why is this?
    When you activate midway through a current month, the rate is prorated from the date of activation to the end of the month. At the beginning of the next month, you will receive an invoice with the prorated amount for the first month and the full access fee for that month.
    My device won’t connect to the network. Can you tell me why?
    Please check: - You have a current connected service with Pulsar Satellite - Your SIM has been inserted correctly into the device - Enough battery power - Clear line of sight to the relevant Satellite - Service is not suspended or under credit action If you have checked all the above and are still unable to use your service, please call Pulsar Customer Care on +1 865 379 8723
    Voicemail Setup

    Pulsar provides a voicemail service so you never miss a call. To set up your voicemail call the voicemail access shortcode 121 or +61424212121 from your Iridium phone for the initial set up. Once connected, follow the voice prompt to set up your 4-digit pin, confirm your time zone and record a message if you want.

    You can also save you can also choose to save the voicemail access number in your Iridium phone for easy access. To do this,  select Menu > Voicemail > Voicemail Settings > Number then enter +61424212121 and select save. Calls to voicemail from your Iridium phone are charged at your standard outgoing call rates.

    Once your voicemail is set up you can either access it from your Iridium phone using the +61424212121 or can call your +18882886880from another phone then press the (#) once the message starts and enter your pin code. Call to your voicemail from a landline or mobile phone will incur charges specific to these services.

    What are the most suitable plans & devices that I can use when not in mobile phone coverage?
    You’ll likely have some requirements that are unique to your circumstances, perhaps you already have equipment, or maybe you want to set up multiple locations, it will all depend on what you are wanting to do. I’m sure whatever you need, you will also want a solution that’s reliable, easy to use, from a provider you can count on and that’s where Pulsar can help. Pulsar works with all four major mobile satellite providers and we offer the largest range of plans with something to suit every budget and remote communication requirement. Our solutions range from personal communicator and safety devices to high-end satellite phones and high-speed satellite data terminals. If you’re a casual traveler, a State/Corporate department, or anything in between our team of satellite solution experts will be able to assist you. To ensure you get the right solution that meets your needs and budget, contact the Pulsar team on +1 865 379 8723
    What happens if I am on an Iridium GO! satellite call and there is an incoming GSM call?
    When this happens, your satellite call will be disconnected.
    What is included in the Iridium GO! package?
    The package contains the Iridium GO! main unit, battery, universal AC travel charger with 4 international adapters, USB Charging/Data cable, car charger, protective cover, user manual, legal information booklet and GEOS Emergency Services brochure. You can buy the other accessories such as mounting kit and external antenna here.
    What is my phone number?
    When your satellite phone has been connected, in many cases you will be allocated a standard local number starting with your country code; for example +1 in the United States and Canada, or +44 in the United Kingdom. This is the phone number to dial to call your phone, just like a cell phone. Some airtime plans and prepaid services will assign you a standard satellite phone number; for example +8816 for Iridium.

    In most cases, your satellite phone or terminal can display the number assigned to the phone. Please refer to your phone user manual for instructions.

    You can also find your number in the initial activation confirmation and "Dialing Instructions" email that we send when you first activate your service.

    We recommend using International formats to store and dial calls, which means your satellite phone number will be +1XXXXXXXXXX To call numbers from your handset you need to dial using the international format for example +1XXXXXXXXXX.

    What is the difference between monthly and Annual postpaid plans?
    Monthly Plans
    With monthly plans, you pay a one-time activation fee (generally $50) for the ability to activate and deactivate service on a monthly basis. You can deactivate your number and pay a small fee (generally $5/month) to keep your number while it is inactive so that you can use it again when you reactivate your service.

    Annual Plans
    With annual plans, you commit to purchase service for 12 continuous months and activation is free.

    What is the difference between Prepaid and Postpaid plans?
    Prepaid Plans
    Prepaid plans let you purchase a set amount of usage, usually in minutes, that's good over a period of time. For example, a popular prepaid plan lets you buy 500 minutes good for up to 12 months. At the end of 12 months, you either lose any minutes you haven't used or need to buy another prepaid plan and can roll over remaining minutes.

    Prepaid plans are simple but have several disadvantages:

  • They cannot use local numbers like monthly or annual postpaid plans.
  • If your prepaid plan expires, you cannot get the same number again.
  • If you need it during an emergency and you run out of airtime it might be inconvenient to add more airtime, for example, after a hurricane.
  • Pricing is generally more expensive than monthly or annual plans.

    That said, prepaid remains a good option if you know exactly when, where, and how much airtime you need, have credit challenges, or will be handing the phone to someone you don't trust to use a reasonable amount of airtime. For almost all people, however, Pulsar monthly or annual plans are more affordable and more convenient

    Monthly and Annual Postpaid Plans

    Pulsar postpaid plans are either monthly or annual. They give a certain amount of value per month, and when call or text the amount is deducted from the included value, or added as a per-minute or per-text charge if you use more than the included value. This has several advantages.

  • With Pulsar postpaid plans you can get a truly local number for your satellite phone. It works just like a cell phone number, letting you make and receive calls and text messages easily.
  • Monthly plans are more flexible: They can be deactivated any time after the first month. You can keep your number for a small fee when your service is deactivated and use it again whenever you're ready.
  • Monthly plans are more convenient: If you have an emergency, you never run out of minutes.
  • Monthly plans are controlled: we can add alerts at your request when you use more than a certain amount of minutes to protect you from runaway usage using our Pulsar satellite management service.
  • Monthly plans are generally more affordable, even for short-term usage. It's generally a better value to subscribe to a monthly plan for 3 or 6 or 12 months than it is to buy a 3- or 6- or 12-month prepaid plan.
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