Fleet Xpress

Seamless Connectivity for the High Seas

Inmarsat Fleet Xpress Marine VSAT from Pulsar

Fleet Xpress is the gold standard in fully-managed VSAT services, giving you continuous connectivity, guaranteed performance, and controlled costs, with the business applications modern vessels need.
Guaranteed global bandwidth ensures that ship owners and operators can improve business intelligence, enhance efficiency, performance and crew welfare, manage cyber-security and in turn run their businesses (and superyachts) more effectively.
Fleet Xpress from Pulsar keeps all kinds of vessels connected, including merchant, cargo, passenger, commercial fishing, offshore support vessels and high-end leisure vessels. When you buy Fleet Xpress from Pulsar, you get access to world-class network design, installation, management, and ongoing support.

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Fleet Xpress Services and Applications

Fleet Xpress is more than a satellite internet service. It enables an ecosystem of applications that the current digital ship requires. Keep your operations connected and secure, and your crew safe and happy with Fleet Xpress.


A New Maritime Ecosystem of Business Applications

CrewCommCenter - Communication, media, and information to keep crew in touch with the people they love – all with the usage & cost controls that ship owners require.

Fleet Secure - Fleet Secure helps shipping operators and managers protect their fleet from cyberattack, detect vulnerabilities and respond to threats. Three managed service levels let managers choose the right solution for ship to shore cyber-protection.

How Does Fleet Xpress Work?

Fleet Xpress delivers high data speeds enabled by Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Ka-band technology combined with the proven reliability of Inmarsat’s flagship FleetBroadband L-band service for maximum uptime.

Fleet Xpress Benefits

When you buy Fleet Xpress from Pulsar you get expert assistance from a global leader in satellite telecommunications. Pulsar’s global network of satellite installers will make sure your system is set up right to begin with and our networking experts can see that it operates with the high availability and reliability that Fleet Xpress is known for.

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Fleet Xpress Satellite Antennas

Pulsar uses Intellian Global Xpress (GX) antennas to give you the best Fleet Xpress experience.Intellian NX Series GX Terminals deliver the high data speeds enabled by the Inmarsat Global Xpress Ka- band network. Fleet Xpress is the combination of the Global Xpress network, with the proven reliability of the FleetBroadband L-band service. The GXNX Series provides a futureproof, unrivalled performance and reliable solution to support increasing data demands for the maritime industry, across all sectors including commercial shipping, fishing, energy, government and yachting. Intellian empowers connectivity, bringing simplicity to satellite communications with advanced technology. See Intellian satellite antennas for Inmarsat Fleet Xpress from Pulsar

Fleet Xpress Satellite Internet Plans

Fleet Xpress plans give the confidence of a predictable monthly fee with guaranteed minimum and maximum data speeds so you can purchase exactly what you need to keep operations humming and crew morale high. Because there’s no one size fits all in the marine industry, we offer a vast array of plans that are designed to suit your needs – and the expert guidance needed to select the right one.

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Fleet Xpress Coverage Map

Who Uses Fleet Xpress?

Anyone who operates a vessel that needs access to high-speed satellite Internet data and wants a single, global network with (Advantages based on coverage, flexible plans)

Typical customers operate Passenger Vessels, Cargo Ships, Superyachts, or Offshore Support Vessels (OSV): Fleet Xpress is good for anyone who needs fast, reliable marine Internet service with predictable but flexible pricing.

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Fleet Xpress for Superyachts

Stay connected on board your yacht with new levels of flexibility and guaranteed performance wherever you go. Guaranteed global bandwidth provides connectivity in all conditions and locations, making it easier to deliver a great guest experience and run an efficient yacht. Seasonal flexibility is assured via free and fast up- and downgrades of subscription plans: high bandwidth during peak demand and up to 6-months suspension to fulfil service standby in off-season periods. With controlled costs and the freedom to take your yacht anywhere – Fleet Xpress is powering a yachting data revolution.

Fleet Xpress for Offshore Support Vessels

The Fleet Xpress for Offshore Vessels (OSV) service recognizes that connectivity needs on board OSVs change frequently and that swings in data usage are likely to be more pronounced than for conventional cargo ships, which is why it offers free upgrades and downgrades in service levels during the 36-month contract period.

Fleet Xpress for Commercial Fishing

Guaranteed global bandwidth ensures that fishing vessel owners and operators can send catch reports and other regulatory requirements to shore, improve sales and purchase negotiations with real time information exchange, and can enhance vessel efficiency by allowing on-board equipment monitoring. This allows them to run their businesses more effectively whilst also ensuring that crew welfare is taken care of.

Fleet Xpress Alternatives

Fleet Xpress is often the best choice for vessels looking for reliable global satellite Internet speeds, but like any service, Fleet Xpress is not for everyone. Vessels that are too small to install a 60cm dome can consider Inmarsat Fleet One or FleetBroadband. Vessels who don’t need high-speed service might consider lower-bandwidth options like Inmarsat FleetOne, FleetBroadband. Fleet Xpress covers virtually all of the globe, but vessels who spend the majority of their time in polar waters north or south of 70 degrees might consider other options.

Marine Satellite Internet Use Cases


Fleet One


Fleet Xpress

Use Case




Download Speed

Max 200 KBps

Max 500 KBps

Max 16 MBps

Business Email, Voice

Crew Email (Text Based)


Social Media

Light Browsing / Prepaid

VPN / Remote Access

System Monitoring

High Usage Browsing

Engine Monitoring

High Usage Browsing    

Engine Monitoring    

Managed Services    

Cloud Solution    

Business Applications    

On-Demand Bandwidth    

Fleet Xpress Cybersecurity

For 40 years, Inmarsat has been trusted with seafarers’ safety. Now the maritime industry can rely on us to help mitigate and report on their vessels cyber risk. Our range of security services will assist in keeping you safe from cyberattack by powering cyber resilience at sea:

Fleet Secure Endpoint – a powerful multi-layered endpoint security solution for remote monitoring of onboard computers
Fleet Secure Universal Threat Management (UTM) – a set of tools to assist in protecting fleets from cyberattack, detect vulnerabilities and respond to threats
Fleet Secure Cyber Awareness – a mobile training app for crew to gain up-to-date cyber security knowledge