Land Mobile

Keeping you connected in the most extreme places of Earth

Emergency Response

Keep in touch during critical situations, when dependable connectivity is a must. Organizations and agencies providing emergency services throughout North America face very unique challenges to maintain personnel efficiency and safety in their operations. Unfortunately, many emergencies occur beyond the coverage of mobile or radio devices. Pulsar provides comprehensive solutions to equip the needs of your responders and management team such as TracerTrak tracking, remote worker safety, satellite voice and data solutions, and more.

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Out of mobile or radio coverage? Pulsar provides visibility over your remote vehicle fleet or railway. Our solutions offer full visibility of the location, status and safety of each member of your fleet. Increase your overall operational efficiency and communications with Pulsar tracking, satellite phones, and airtime. Satellite-based solutions with Pulsar provide vehicle or car location data, alarm information, and voice communication even in the most remote locations.

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Heavy Equipment

Measure the productivity of your mobile assets through tracking services and data reporting. Stay connected even in remote areas, anywhere on Earth to keep workers and equipment safe.

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Scientific Research

Reliable voice and data communications to keep researchers around the world connected to maintain the success and safety of research operations. Track assets, send reports and logs to measure results remotely - even in the field.

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Energy and Utilities

Efficiently monitor production and manage worker safety to stay ahead in the ever-growing energy industry. Make voice and data satellite connections to effectively communicate and improve productivity.

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Oil & Gas

Effectively manage oil and gas safety operations and track equipment productivity reporting through dependable satellite data. Crew and equipment are connected and reachable even remotely.

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Iridium Certus Land Mobile

Ideal for supporting critical connectivity needs regardless of location, terrain and weather events. With a range of data speed options available on the robustly designed Thales MissionLINKTM terminal.