Keeping you connected and safe the most remote places.

Hiking & Climbing

Personal tracking, affordable satellite devices and services, and SOS capabilities allow hikers and climbers to stay connected even in remote locations. Stay in touch when you are exploring - venture out assured that Pulsar’s satellite network will keep you connected.

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Off road Travel

Stay off-road and stay connected through affordable communications with Pulsar’s suite of satellite communications including satellite email, satellite airtime, and location tracking.

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RV & Camping

Stay in reach while adventuring – whether through tracking, email, or getting weather reports. Grab a local WIFI signal and extend it your camper. Maintain connectivity with Pulsar's WiFi and satellite solutions.

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Skiing & Snowmobiling

Ski or snowmobile the backcountry with reliable satellite communication and tracking. Never worry about difficult coverage in remote areas again. Track location, send texts, get weather reports, and make calls on your remote adventures. Pulsar offers skiers and snowmobilers alike the solutions they need to stay in touch and safe.

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Remain in touch when you’re out of reach – safely enjoy your trips away. Enjoy yourself knowing if anything happens, you have Pulsar's reliable satellite network to keep you in touch via voice, email, or data communications.

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Meet Freya

known as “Freya Shakti” or “Goddess of Love to the Seas“, is a highly-skilled open ocean-paddler who has undertaken the two world’s greatest timed sea kayaking continental circumnavigations, plus has numerous islands records to her name.