Fleet Xpress

Seamless Connectivity on the High Seas

Fleet Xpress from Pivotel keeps all kinds of vessels connected, including merchant, cargo, passenger, commercial fishing, offshore support vessels and high-end leisure vessels. When you buy Fleet Xpress from Pivotel, you get access to world-class network design, installation, management, and ongoing support.

Inmarsat Fleet Xpress from Pivotel

Satellite Phone Test Center

Satellite Phone Test Center It’s a good idea to test your satellite phone. That way you can be prepared for whatever life brings, whenever and wherever. Be prepared with a satellite phone test plan and download the Pivotel e-Book "Satellite Phone Test Center: All About How To Test a Satellite Phone."
Satellite Phone Test Center

Tracertrak Satellite Monitoring and Tracking

Tracertrak is a powerful exception management system for worker safety, personnel and asset tracking, and fixed asset management, designed by Pivotel from the ground up for reliability and ease of use.

Tracertrak Vessel Tracking and Monitoring

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