AddValue iFleetONE™ Satellite Terminal for Inmarsat Fleet One BUNDLE

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ADV-INM-Wideye- F1-w/Handset-BDL


Now with an included RedPort Optimizer satellite Wi-Fi router and six month of XGate satellite data service.

The Wideye™ iFleetONE™ terminal is one of Addvalue’s maritime communications system operating on the Inmarsat global Alphasat and I-4 satellite network. Designed to be compact for small and mid-sized fishing and leisure vessels, it delivers affordable, tailored broadband data and voice services.

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AddValue iFleetONE™ Satellite Terminal for Inmarsat Fleet One BUNDLE
AddValue iFleetONE™ Satellite Terminal for Inmarsat Fleet One BUNDLE

In stock



    Fleet One Plan Details

    iFleetONE Satellite Terminal for Inmarsat Fleet One Bundle


    While at sea, the Wideye™ iFleetONE™ will be your indispensable partner for all of your business or leisure communications needs – it makes it easy to talk, text, and send and receive emails. It offers one voice line and data up to 150kbps – ideal for accessing full-colour weather images, navigational charts and routing information, as well as sending reports and browsing the web. With Inmarsat’s free 505 Emergency calling service included, Wideye™ iFleetONE™ helps to keep sailors safe. Additionally, it offers many rich value-added features including:

    • VMS Approved
    • Built-in Firewall
    • Built-in Wi-Fi for wireless mobility and smartphone applications accessibility
    • Standard IP Data with one user accessible Primary PDP Context
    • Built-in Web Console (English and Simplified Chinese languages)
    • Remote Access for diagnostics, configuration and management
    • SIM Lock based on IMSI/APN
    • Data Connection ON / OFF Control via external remote switch
    • Volume limited access for data sessions
    • Radio Silence (radio transmission on/off) Control via external remote switch
    • Configurable Restricted dialing – to prevent unauthorized outgoing calls
    • Configurable Forced dialing – with SAC configuration – to enable crew calling
    • Built-in SIP server supporting third party VoIP devices/ applications
    • Automatic and on-demand position reporting and fleet tracking capability including geo-fencing, with up to 10 polygon areas configurable

    With a compact antenna and an easy to install below deck unit (BDU), the iFleetONE VMS is small but powerful, with special features such as:

    • 3-axis stabilized Antenna (including ATC-Resilience, Extended L-band and IP56 protection capability)
    • Primary handset (optional) : IP66 environmental protection
    • NEA 0183 continuous GPS output
    • No Fuse – Utilizes an intelligent circuit breaker protection
    • Appends GPS position to SMS

    The iFleetONE VMS includes a Primary Handset with a large color LCD display and mobile phone type keys for test messaging. The BDU with its additional RJ11 phone port can connect either a standard corded or cordless phone.

    For internet service, you can simply connect the iFleetONE VMS to an on-board computer network using the standard RJ45 Ethernet connection. With NAT and DHCP functions, iFleetONE VMS offers both single user(modem) and multi-user router modes. Utilizing MAC address filtering and firewall features, it offers unmatched access security and uses secure IP-based technology which greatly enhances the privacy of your voice and data communications.

    The internal GPS receiver and GPS output in NMEA 0183 format of the iFleetONE VMS can also be used to provide accurate position information to onboard systems such as plotters and depth sounders.

    Charges are made for the kilobytes of data sent and received, not the time used. Flexible, seasonal air-time pricing and preferential pricing regions makes the iFleetONE VMS affordable for smaller vessels.


    Pulsar Addvalue Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

    Pulsar Addvalue VMS is a vessel tracking solution meeting the respective country’s Fisheries mandatory regulatory requirements to address illegal unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. The Pulsar iFleetOne VMS soluton is Type Approved by the US National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) for use in the Pacific.

    The iFleetOne VMS is a 2 in 1 solution including a built in VMS engine which reports both automatic and on-demand location updates of the vessel to the respective authorities while also delivering broadband communications for data and voice use by the crew.

    What’s in the Box?

    • Above Deck Antenna
    • Below Deck Unit
    • Primary Handset with Cradle
    • Samsung Tab A Tablet

    Now including:

    • FREE RedPort Optimizer Satellite Wi-Fi Router
    • FREE 6 Months XGate Satellite Data Service

    iFleetOne VMS Coverage

     iFleetOne VMS Coverage Map


    Transmit: 1626.5 ~ 1660.5 and 1668 ~ 1675.0 MHz

    Receive: 1518.0 ~ 1559.0 MHz

    Cable Loss: 10db at 1.6 GHz and 1 Ω DC loop resistance

    Supply And Consumption: DC Input (isolated): + 10.8 VDC to + 31.2 VDC


    Power (Max): 100W including Antenna

    Operating Temperature: -25 to +55°C

    Storage Temperature: -40 to +80°C

    Operating Humidity: 95% non-condensing at +40°C

    ADU Ingress Rating: IP56

    BDU Ingres Rating: IP31

    Roll: ±30° / 4s period, max 0.7g tan.

    Pitch: ±15° / 3s period, max 0.6g tan.

    Yaw: ±10° / 5s period, max 0.3g tan.

    Turning Rate: ±36°/s, acc. max 12°/s

    Surge: ±0.5g

    Sway: ±0.5g

    Heave: ±0.7g

    Headway Speed: 42 knots

    Wind: 100 knots

    20g, 11ms half-sine wave


    Random spectrum 1.05g rms x 3 axes

    5 to 20 Hz: 0.02 g2 /Hz

    20 to 150 Hz: -3 dB/octave


    Vibration (survival):

    Random spectrum 1.7g rms 2 h x 3 axes (6 h in total)

    5 to 20 Hz: 0.02 g2 /Hz

    20 to 150 Hz: -3 dB/octave

    Standard Voice: 4 kbps circuit switched (AMBE+2 codec)

    Standard IP: Up to 100 kbps

    SMS: Up to 160 characters supported (3g standard)

    Larger SMS content: Supported as multipart or segmented SMS ( > 160 characters)


    Antenna Connector: 500 N-Type, Female


    Antenna Connector: 500 N-Type, Female

    Wi-Fi Connector: 50 Ω SMA, Male

    SIM Card Slot: 1 SIM Card Slot for Fleet One SIM card

    Ethernet: 1 RJ45 LAN Port

    Standard Phone: 1 RJ11 Phone Port

    Status LED: 4 LEDs (Terminal, Antenna, Registered, Data Active)

    I/O Connector: for Remote ON/OFF Switch, Data connection ON/OFF Switch, Radio Silence ON/OFF Switch and External Ringer

    Serial Port: for CPS Output (NMEA 0183)

    DC Power Input Socket 

    Primary Handset Connector

    Resettable Circuit Breaker

    Safe Mode Switch

    Compliant to RED, IEC60945, RoHS

    Certification Mark: FCC, CE, IC

    Wi-Fi Compliant IEEE802.11 b/g/n

    Green Passport

    BDU - 330 x 256.7 x 66.5 mm

    ADU - 319.5 (Dia) x 277 mm



    BDU - 2.7 Kg / 6.0 lbs

    ADU - 3.2 Kg / 7. 1 lbs


    Primary Handset

    Display: 2In, 220 x 176 pixel TFT, 65K Color LCD

    Dimensions: 142 x 156 x 22mm

    Weight: 390g / 0.8lbs

    Ingress Rating: IP66

    Operating Temperature: -20 to +55°C

    Storage Temperature: -30 to +70°C

    More Information
    Brand Cobham
    Coverage Area North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia & New Zealand
    Plan Term Monthly , Annual
    Maximum Data Speeds 100-200 Kbps
    Satellite Service Inmarsat Fleet One
    Network Inmarsat
    Global Rescue No
    Pulsar Control Service Yes

    Pulsar Control

    Pulsar Control is a data management service that lets you monitor and control the data being used by your satellite services, helping you manage your network and control your costs. Best of all, it's included with any active data service as part of the Pulsar Advantage.

    Learn more about Pulsar Control

    Key Features include: 

    • Web-based self-service dashboard
    • Set usage thresholds with alerts and cost control limits
    • Real-time terminal and data information for troubleshooting
    • Self-manage firewall rules

    Pulsar is available with the following active Pulsar services: 

    • Inmarsat BGAN
    • Inmarsat BGAN M2M
    • Inmarsat Fleet One
    • Inmarsat FleetBroadband
    • Iridium Certus 
    • Iridium GO! Exec
    • Starlink
    • Thuraya IP