How can I reactivate my satellite phone?

Reactivating your phone or satellite phone is as easy as calling the friendly Customer Care team at +1 865 379 8723 during standard US business hours. You’ll need around 10 minutes to confirm your connection and plan details. We can usually get your service up and running within the hour from when you called.

You can also email for service any time.
How do I activate airtime?

Click here to download and complete the Pulsar Service Agreement. Be sure to include the SIM card number and the plan you wish to activate. Once complete email the service agreement to

How do I keep my local satellite phone when my service is inactive?
How do I keep my local satellite phone when my service is inactive? lets you keep your local number even when your satellite phone is inactive. This way, when you activate it again, you can continue using the same number. To deactivate your service and keep your inactive number saved for later, call us at +1 866-379-8723 or email us at to make a change
  • The change generally starts on the 1st of the month
  • You can activate or reactivate your service and use your saved number any day of the month
  • What is my phone number?
    When your satellite phone has been connected, in many cases you will be allocated a standard local number starting with your country code; for example +1 in the United States and Canada, or +44 in the United Kingdom. This is the phone number to dial to call your phone, just like a cell phone. Some airtime plans and prepaid services will assign you a standard satellite phone number; for example +8816 for Iridium.

    In most cases, your satellite phone or terminal can display the number assigned to the phone. Please refer to your phone user manual for instructions.

    You can also find your number in the initial activation confirmation and "Dialing Instructions" email that we send when you first activate your service.

    We recommend using International formats to store and dial calls, which means your satellite phone number will be +1XXXXXXXXXX To call numbers from your handset you need to dial using the international format for example +1XXXXXXXXXX.