How do I add payment information and setup auto payments on Selfcare?
Login to Pulsar Selfcare and go to the My Wallet tab. From here you click on “Edit” under payment information.
How do I change my SelfCare password?

Go to Pulsar SelfCare, click the 3-dot icon in the top right corner, and choose “Forgot Password” to change your password. This can also be done in the preferences in your SelfCare account.

How do I setup spend alerts?
This can be done on the first page that comes up in SelfCare. You can choose to be notified by text or email and at usage intervals of 50, 85, and 100% of your usage.
How do I understand the usage on my bill?
You can view your recent usage history in Pulsar Selfcare, Please note that is a 48 hour delay in displaying your usage history. If you need assistance understanding the rates on your bill, do not hesitate to call Pulsar customer care on +1 865 379 8723. We are happy to help you understand your bill.
How do I view my latest bill?
In SelfCare, you will see the latest bill as a link. Click on the blue bar in the bar graph which corresponds with the month’s invoice you would like to see. Click on the date of the bill and it will download as a PDF file.
I am trying to login to Selfcare, but we have not been set up for this service. Can you please set this up for us?

Your online account can be accessed by going to Pulsar Selfcare and entering your account number and account password on the login page. You will also find a link on Pulsar’s navigation located at the top of each page. An account was set up for you when your service was activated. You can find your login credentials in your dialing instruction/service confirmation email. If you cannot locate your credentials, please call our friendly Customer Care team on +1 865 379 8723 who will arrange a new password for you.