How do I make a satellite phone call?
Pulsar satellite phones generally include a truly local number that works just like your cell phone to make and receive calls and text messages.

It should be noted that unlike with cell phones, satellite phones need to be outside, with the antenna up and a clear view of the sky. Consult your phone user manual for details.

How do I test my Pivotel satellite phone service free of charge?

For a complete description of how and when to test your satellite phone, Download our free eBook 'Satellite Phone Test Center: All About How To Test Your Satellite Phone'"

For quick reference, you can also use the following test numbers provided by Iridium and Inmarsat.

  • Iridium test number +1-480-752-5105*
  • Inmarsat test number +870-776-999-999
  • If customers find that their phones are not operational through this process, please call our support line 865.379.8723 to get further assistance.